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Letters to the Editor

Your vote for Nancy is for “your city”

Welcome to election day. Well, I know you could have been voting by mail for some time! If you have not voted, I want to urge you to vote for Nancy Scarbrough for Newport Beach City Council. As you may have seen from her many endorsers, she is the real deal. All her support is from local voters. If you want to help take back control of your city, then Nancy deserves your vote.

I want to reflect on some observations I have made this election cycle. The first day to pull nomination papers was July 15th. Nancy returned her papers, and they were certified complete on July 28th. On July 26th someone who listed their name as anonymous turned in a freedom of information act request to the City Clerk asking for all correspondence and text messages between Nancy Scarbrough and the City Council, the Planning Commission, and the Community Development Department going back to 2018. 

Seeing this a month later, I too requested the same information. The amount of correspondence was voluminous. Nancy’s communication with the city over the last few years has been significant reflecting her involvement. The package was so large it had to be posted to a dropbox-like location for download. Whomever requested this must have hoped there would be some bombshell in there that could discredit Nancy. Apparently not. 

I want to thank Brad Avery for running a clean campaign against Nancy. I am sure he was encouraged by Team Newport, now Team Will camp of advisors, to attack. They were probably behind the request. As we have seen this election cycle, the facts do not matter when that starts. Thanks again Brad Avery.

I also want to address some statements made about police and fire support of the candidates. No member of the Police or Fire associations ever reached out to Nancy in any way to ask her questions or interview her. It was as if they were directed to support the candidates they did. Is this the type of politics you want for your city? They spent thousands of dollars on mailers and ads supporting the Team Will slate. 

All donations received by Nancy are from locals.

Nancy Scarbrough is Involved, Informed and Independent. Nancy is Team Local. See more at or @nancyfornewport on social media.

Charles Klobe

Newport Beach

Herdman responsible for JWA successes

As a longtime activist in Newport Beach, especially regarding John Wayne Airport, I am supporting Jeff Herdman for re-election to the Newport Beach City Council. A longtime resident of the City and Balboa Island, Jeff lives under the flight path, and he is chair of the Airport Committee, on which I serve.

Until Jeff was elected to the Council, the Airport Committee was a once-in-a-while meeting where residents came and vented. Now, complaining about the Airport is something in which I excel, so I certainly understood residents’ need to have a forum. But despite its psychological benefits, I became disgusted at the waste of time.

After Jeff Herdman was elected, he took charge of the Committee and ensured there was a representative from each council district and from each community organization that opposed airport expansion. Several members are pilots, former employees of aviation companies, managerial experts and people who have had experience working with airports. He has made the Committee, which is open to the public, an authentic committee that also sends recommendations to the Council.

For the first time, the Aviation Committee has several subcommittees, each meeting to explore one specific aspect of the Airport that bothers residents. For example, we have a Technical Subcommittee composed of pilots, consultants and other aviation experts exploring quieter departures. For obvious reasons, I am not on that subcommittee.

However, I am on a General Aviation subcommittee that meets weekly. We research how other communities near airports with business jets can encourage those jets and the FBOs to be cognizant of the community’s needs. More details of specific actions by the Committees will be forthcoming.

Jeff Herdman leads the City Aviation Committee, just like he did with the City Council and the community organizations when we all convinced the Board of Supervisors to leave a bigger place on the field for piston-driven planes. You know the pilots who fly twice a month instead of the jets that at least fly once a day.

Our goal on the Aviation Committee, and mine as the representative from SPON, was to get as good a deal as we could from the Supervisors. Two years ago, when JWA first introduced its plans for the new General Aviation Program to Newport Beach, the airport wanted three large FBOs, large hangers which would accommodate large private jet planes, and to get rid of as many small planes as they could. The airport tried to convince the Supervisors that small planes were obsolete, a relic of the past. 

That did not happen. The City led by Jeff Herdman, Diane Dixon and the organizations of SoCal Pilots, SPON, AWG, AirFair and CAANP compiled a list of requests. Did we get all of them? No, but we are still working. It is not over. The most important goal was to save the small planes. Why? The smaller piston-driven, eventually electric planes, you have on the field, the less room for large private jets. 

We also received commitments from the two FBOs, Clay Lacy and ACI Jet, to limit their hours of operation and the agreement bans the use of an FBO to allow commercial passengers to go through their terminal avoiding security.

Jeff Herdman works on many other issues for the City – a dedicated elected official.

Nancy Alston

Newport Beach

Herdman owes taxpayers an apology

A recent public records request unearthed a treasure trove of campaign activity coordinated using city resources. 

Current Councilmember Jeff Herdman was caught red handed (through public records requests) violating election law as he used his official email to talk his way into fundraisers and even coordinate a plan to harvest ballots to try to sway the November 3rd election. On top of all that, Herdman and his campaign cohorts went after solid Blom endorsements that Blom rightfully earned, with a politically heavy hand in order to retract endorsements from Blom. No different than accosting residents at their own home when they had his opponents’ sign on their private property and have already made their minds up. 

California election law clearly prohibits using government resources – funded by the taxpayer – to campaign. Doing so is a clear violation of the law, a disrespect to the office and another example of his lack of accountability and integrity to the people he is supposed to be serving in Newport Beach. 

A sitting city councilman should be able to run on his own record and support for community-driven policies, which is clearly lacking. Jeff Herdman’s campaign has been run on attacking his opponent’s family and business and supporters. The issues and his ineffective leadership are evident in his votes for the McMansion on Kings Road, eliminating the entire bluff. And Jeff’s lackluster performance for relief from airport pollution and noise, and as Chairman of the Aviation Committee, his void of commitment from the private airlines and Board of Supervisors for these general aviation planes to adhere to our noise abatement in the GAIP agreement. In addition, Jeff’s continued attack on Balboa Island’s Marine Avenue, and under his leadership, the division between the various organizations have been to say the least, disappointing. 

That’s why I am voting for Noah Blom – hoping for a Clean Slate for district 5.

Anita Rovsek

Balboa Island

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