Letters to the Editor

Blom is what’s needed for City Council

I have met Council candidate Noah Blom several times since he announced his run for City Council. I am impressed with Noah’s youthful energy and fresh approach. Noah and his wife, Marin, are successful entrepreneurs – starting and operating successful local restaurants including ARC and ARC Butcher & Baker. They have deep ties to our community. Noah was born in Newport Beach and attended local schools. His father was a well-known photographer in Corona del Mar. Their son attends Corona del Mar High School. Noah and Marin are active in numerous charities, including Oceana, the Newport Aquatic Center, SOS and the March of Dimes. It is true what they say – it’s the busiest people who accomplish the most!

A goal of Noah’s is to enhance positive cooperation between the private sector and the public sector. As a leader in the hospitality industry, he has worked closely with City officials to expedite approval of sidewalk dining and other regulatory changes to help struggling merchants survive the pandemic crisis.

We all know the serious issues that continue to face Newport Beach, including the airport, the homeless crisis, the City’s several hundred million dollar pension shortfall and the important quality of life issues like noise, traffic, parking and petty crime. Noah’s opponent, the incumbent Councilman Herdman, is asking to be rehired for another four year term. Unfortunately, the City has very little to show for Mr. Herdman’s last four years, particularly his role as Chairman of the City’s beleaguered Aviation Committee. 

It’s time for new energy and a new approach. There are no independent small business owners on the City Council. Noah’s opponent, Mr. Herdman, was a career public employee before his retirement in 2005. Our City could use Noah’s business acumen, entrepreneurial energy and good-humored enthusiasm. We will benefit from someone on the City Council who knows what it is to start a business from scratch, create new jobs and have to make a payroll every month. Noah has a proven record of achievement and would make a fine addition to our City Council. I urge you to vote for Noah Blom.

Randy Black

Newport Beach

Poem supports Harley

We’re lucky to have Harley

If we don’t hold on

Someone will grab him

And he will move on

We deserve Harley

He’s earned his position

It’s doubtful a contender 

Offers serious opposition

There is no one like Harley

Voted best and encore

With awards, recognition

And legislation galore

Help for small business

Senior citizens and more

Pandemic help, a thousand meetings

And concern for the shore

He’s strong and he’s tough

No abuse gets him down

He fights for what’s right

And what’s fair for our town

We really need Harley

He’s the best that we’ve had

And if we should lose him

The 48th would be sad

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach