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Letter to the Editor

Hysteria over COVID is taking away our liberties 

I enjoy reading your news on the reporting of COVID. First, I do not like the political tyranny from Newsom (in everything he does). This includes the COVID shutdown and his self-imposed power to determine who is and who is not essential. Are not we all essential and equal? 

Especially important is getting kids physically back in school. To not do so is an unfounded action that ignores the importance of education, socialization, nutrition, family structure, and the avoidance of depression. Zoom is not a substitute for learning with the necessary human interaction. 

There is a direct correlation with a healthy economy and public health, and these draconian mandates are destroying both. We should not underestimate COVID, but we should not overreact by creating hysteria by taking away our liberties. It is not a hoax, but the media has turned it into a political circus. 

To minimize the hysteria a more relevant reporting of cases and deaths should be on a per capita bases including the age bracket. Then compare that to recovery. There is no way to decipher the misdiagnosis and false reporting, but it does exist.

Those who have developed this radical fear of living, also have the liberty to self-impose their own stay at home policy. I understand the caution and compromise in the wearing of masks and social distancing. We can manage risk, but we cannot eliminate risk. There is no reason to force others into captivity to lessen their fears.

Thank you, 

Jeff Morgan

Corona del Mar


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