Letters to the Editor

Defending the name of John Wayne for the airport

He’s been dead 41 years. But leave it to the OC Dems to engage in more overreaction and victimhood with respect to John Wayne Airport and the statue that greets Orange County visitors. 

I wonder if any of us (including Chair Briceno) who may live in glass houses are worthy to throw stones.

Yes, the Minneapolis tragedy is just that, but, sadly, justified reaction has morphed into overreaction, including the OC Dems’ wrongheaded resolution to change the name of our airport and remove the statue.

Let Mr. Wayne and his memory rest in peace.

Paul Watkins

Newport Beach

Someday we can look back on today’s pandemic days

Despite the tragic horror of the pandemic, the uncertainty and the isolation from your friends and family, the constant cleansing and the binding masks, to name just a few low points, there might be some things that we can look back upon when this all passes.

Some of those might be things such as hanging around the house in your pajamas and robe until two in the afternoon, not worrying about the extra pounds you put on because the one thing about never seeing anyone is that you get to eat treats like ice cream and packaged pudding (that you ate as a child). You can indulge in reading really long books, ones that displease your book club friends. 

Friends give you gifts of disinfectant and handmade masks, you get to let your hair and roots grow, and you pull out old things to wear that you should have thrown away years ago. You also get weekly phone calls from your siblings, which are extra special because they know how much we all hate talking on the telephone. 

You also get check-up calls from your sweet aunt who never really has figured out how to use her cellphone or her computer, but uses them anyway, and if you are lucky like me, you find a kind, but talkative walking partner who, despite wearing a mask, talks your leg off anyway. And he constantly directs you away from traffic because he thinks that you can’t hear or see it, but he is ten years older. 

You sit 12 feet apart on your back deck afterward (extra careful social distancing) and converse quite loudly back and forth so that your poor neighbors will be celebrating when social distancing is over, and they don’t have to learn everything about you. 

You get to complete picture puzzles that are so popular now, that Amazon is running out of them, and my personal favorite – you get to Zoom at least two or three times a week with your book club, family and friends and be the only one who doesn’t have technical difficulties despite using a 6-year-old iPad.


Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach