Letter to the Editor

Flatterer of Governor Newsom ill-informed

Ms. Lynn Lorenz (“Author”) has fawned over Governor Newsom in her recent letters to local media extolling how the Governor has saved the health of California by his “quick and resourceful actions” regarding the COVID-19 response. The Author is ill-informed and simply wrong. Here are some of those “quick and resourceful actions” by Governor Newsom:

–His March 18, 2020 letter to President Trump stating that 25.5 million Californians will be infected with COVID-19 over an eight-week period.

–His proposed “bold and big” expenditure of nearly $1 billion taxpayer dollars (including half up front) for face masks with a secretive Chinese company.

–His plan for $75 million taxpayer dollars for stimulus payments to illegal immigrants.

–His politically-driven, “ready, shoot, aim” myopic (literally) decision on April 30, 2020 to hard close all Orange County beaches with inaccurate and misleading telephoto evidentiary support resulting in justified lawsuits by local cities.

–His commandeering St. Vincent Hospital and the old Sacramento ARCO Arena for the misjudged never-to-appear COVID-19 tsunami.

–His gross miscalculation in the appropriation of 16,000 hotel/motel rooms for our homeless population.

–His joining four governors in the delusional request of Congress that it fund $1 trillion in pandemic relief for poorly managed state and local governments.

Despite the Author’s blind adulation, it is clear that the Governor’s “quick and resourceful actions” have been anything but.

Paul Watkins

Newport Beach