Letters to the Editor

Hindsight is 20/20

I’m noticing that our Newport mayor and others have taken an anti-governor stance on the coronavirus. The new publication from the mayor states all the statistics of why the total lockdown wasn’t needed. Of course, this was 20/20 hindsight or Monday morning quarterbacking. 

If you remember back to the beginning of March, everyone was terrified of this unknown dangerous pandemic. In fact, at that time our city leaders could only tell us to follow the guidelines from the Orange County Health Department while fighting the mandating of wearing masks and closing the beaches. 

There is a Columbia University study and model out today saying that half the lives lost so far to this pandemic would have been saved by mandating “stay at home” two weeks earlier. 

So, which 20/20 hindsight do we believe? And do we continue to look at the world with partisan-colored glasses or take care of ourselves the best we can until we have real knowledge of this virus and the treatments or vaccine to save us? The virus does attack us all. 

And let’s elect the non-partisans or the candidates with open minds this next November. City governments are meant to be non-partisan for a reason.

Linda Watkins

Newport Resident

Truth or Consequences

We are victims of a selfish few
Whose decisions we oft abhor
They hold our welfare in their hands
But count their futures more

When many fall ill in few days time
Those numbers should cause shame
But who can prove whose fault it is
When bad decisions reign

We all should know it’s time to change
When power does us harm
And votes can go to gilded hands
Whose goal it is to charm

Let’s look ahead to better days
That make our wishes soar
And put behind us once for all
What cuts us to the core

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach