Letter to the Editor

Please, please consider the City’s alternative plan for Ensign

Letter to the Newport-Mesa Unified School District Board of Trustees

We have recently found out that all of you were presented with an alternative project by the City of Newport Beach; however, [it seems] you blatantly lied to the community and stated that you never had seen any other plan, when your staff met with Newport Beach city staff all along.

The NMUSD also was not forthcoming with the project, ONLY presenting a graphic of the project in front of the school that DOES NOT include the proposed “Banana” parking lot.

I am providing all of you with the proof and the alternative illustration with the changes saving the 50-year-old trees along Cliff Drive that was presented to NMUSD by the City of Newport Beach to NMUSD.

[I believe] You also were not truthful with not allowing any community outreach meeting and the survey that was sent out [in my opinion] was devious and deceptive.

The idea of destroying these trees is equivalent to killing 23-27 live beings; that is the realistic image that the children are experiencing. 

At your last meeting, (you) gloated about having crisis counselors on site when the children were killed in the helicopter; let’s not bring out any more crisis counselors at this time during COVID-19. The children are all out playing with their families in the neighborhood and they will be devastated if you remove these trees. The City of Newport Beach has provided to you a SAFE alternative plan for Ensign.

If you do not listen to the residents’ pleas, you will be hearing the children’s cries. Stop and change this course of the project – utilize the City’s plan on Tuesday, April 28.

Peggy V. Palmer

Newport Beach