Letters to the Editor

Hearing on 215 Riverside Project should be delayed until City Hall “re-opens”

Working together, let’s imagine the possibilities of building a community coastal city for people to enjoy now and in the future.

Stewardship: Together all of us are expected to be good stewards, caretakers, or custodians of our neighborhoods and the greater Newport Beach community. Community involvement and citizen input is a prerequisite for the City of Newport to fulfill its primary responsibility of stewardship.

The City of Newport Beach has essentially shut down the City due to COVID-19, until at least May 3, 2020.

Recently, the City of Newport Beach has decided to hear the appeal from the developers of the 215 Riverside Project this Tuesday (today), April 14, 2020. This development project consists of a rooftop restaurant and an open parking structure that would abut up to the community of Newport Heights. There is no urgency with regard to this project. The residents need to be able to understand this project and its cumulative impacts to the community.

Community Concern: This parking structure is right in the heart of Newport Heights, where 4,300 children attend three different schools in the Heights and more than 1,500 Junior Lifeguards travel to and from the beach on this route on Riverside Drive and Avon Ave. The dangers of the ingress and egress of bicyclists, pedestrians and children commuting to and from Newport Heights has not been studied nor made available to the public.

According to the City’s Mariner’s Mile Strategic Vision Plan, a parking structure should not be allowed to abut against nor be in a residential neighborhood.

The resident caretakers and custodians of the surrounding neighborhoods (1) cannot physically attend this meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic; (2) will only be allowed to live stream the meeting and (3) will only be able to express their concerns and comments telephonically and not provide supporting evidence.

Due to the magnitude of this project and its impact along Mariner’s Mile, I request that this hearing be postponed until the residents and the public can physically attend this meeting.

Your neighbor,

Patrick Gormley 

Past President, Bayshores Community Association

Newport Beach

Resident upset with derelict property

I have asked repeatedly that the derelict property next to me on Kings Road be cleaned up and fenced off appropriately.

The owner has previously been contacted to clean up the property; however, nothing has been done to remediate it in almost two months and the graffiti is becoming worse.

What course of action do we need to take to have this cleaned up?

I know there’s a lot going on right now, but my husband and I don’t deserve to live like this in Newport Beach.

Thank you,

Peggy V. Palmer 

Newport Beach

Letters to the Editor 4.14.20

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Courtesy of Peggy Palmer