Letter to the Editor:

New candidate announces run for 48th Congressional District

 Right now, we are not reaching our potential as a country. We need leaders with solutions. We need leaders that can relate to the struggles of everyday people. Most importantly, we need leaders that value honesty and new ideas. That is why I am a Republican candidate running for Congress in California’s 48th Congressional District.

From the college graduate overburdened by college debt, to the family worried about raising their family at a time when our American Family Values are deteriorating. To the generation before us that is often struggling to get by while living on Social Security – now is the time for change.

I understand your struggles and I am bringing new ideas, experience and a fresh perspective to the table that will help restore the American dream.

Together we can solve the issues we face. My campaign represents a Conservative movement that will fight on behalf of the factory workers, the doctors, the teachers, the business owners, our servicemen, our families, our children and the generation that came before us.

My campaign is For Our Country and For Our Future. I graciously ask for your help and support in this upcoming election. I encourage you to go to my website to read my story and my platform. 

Thank you and God Bless,

Brian Burley

Huntington Beach