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Grace Leung

An insider’s look at what’s going on in and around City Hall

Grace Leung

Newport Beach City Manager Grace Leung   

Nice to see a calm day, compared to last Friday (October 12) when our first rain storm of the season came in! I appreciated all the hard work put in by our crews in Public Works and Utilities, who mobilized and responded quickly for both the rain and the high winds that followed on Monday and Tuesday of this week.   

Our next meeting is (tonight) Tuesday, October 23, and the following are items that may be of interest. As always, this is not a summary of the entire agenda, which can be viewed here.

No Study Session items this week, so here are the items of note for the Regular Session at 7 p.m.   

Under the consent calendar are the recipients of the Cultural Arts Grants for Fiscal Year 2018/19 as recommended by the City Arts Commission. The Commission is recommending grants to eight local arts organizations totaling $24,000. The staff report provides the details on the grant amounts for each organization and the programs they are funding.

If the Minor Amendments to the City’s Local Coastal Program looks familiar that’s because we originally introduced this item at the September 25 City Council meeting. The Coastal Commission inadvertently did not provide us the final version of their approved amendment. Therefore, we need to introduce this ordinance again. Our amendments, and the Coastal Commission’s suggested modifications, are primarily clean-up in nature, intended to correct citation errors and clarify ambiguities and inconsistencies.

The 9th annual periodic review of the Zoning Implementation and Public Benefit Agreement with Sober Living by the Sea (SLBTS) shows that the SLBTS is in compliance with all requirements. The number of client beds is unchanged from the last review, at 43 beds. 

Following a second procurement process, the bid for Grand Canal Dredging Project Phase 2 has come in at just under $1.3 million. Including two additive items and contingency, the project’s total budget is at $1,459,000. In getting feedback as we prepared this second bid, we found that several aspects of the project impacted the pricing including: the confined area of the Grand Canal, small size of project and varying tides. This project does require a budget amendment of approximately $600,000 from the Tidelands Capital Fund to fully fund the project. 

The City utilizes a contractor to maintain and collect waste from refuse containers located throughout the City at beach areas, bus stops, on piers and various other locations. A contract with CR&R for Citywide Refuse Container Collection Services is on the agenda, following an extensive Request for Proposal process. The agreement is for 7 years and includes specific vehicle requirements. This is a change in vendors, from Robert’s Waste & Recycling, who has agreed to extend their contract to the end of February 2019 to allow time for transition.

As a reminder, public comment is welcome at the City Council meeting. The public can comment on any item on the agenda. If you cannot attend the meeting and/or want to communicate with the City Council directly on an item, the following email address gets to all of them: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on The Week in Review. Based on some questions received, I’d like to clarify that this email (the Insider’s Guide) will continue, with the primary focus on providing information on the upcoming City Council agenda. The Week in Review is in addition, highlighting significant items of interest. It is posted on the City’s website; this week’s edition can be found here.

Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated so please don’t hesitate to ask a question or offer a comment. 

Grace K. Leung

City Manager

City of Newport Beach

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P: 949.644.3001

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