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Letters to the Editor:

Challenging year for Republicans so you need to know your players

This is a challenging year for our Republican Party. Even historically safe seats are competitive this year. 

 I wanted to be sure you were aware of events in Newport Beach so as to avoid embarrassment during this election season.

As noted below, Newport Beach Councilmember Scott Peotter is having a fundraiser hosted by Andrew Goetz.

Mr. Goetz was convicted of 13 felony counts related to filing false plan checks with the City of Newport Beach. The goal of this conspiracy was to evade the city height limits in various neighborhoods. Mr. Goetz was initially charged with 26 counts. He pled guilty and surrendered his architect’s license. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Mr. Goetz subsequently was convicted of fraud in obtaining a real estate license by making false statements on his application and fined $1,000. In 1984, he was convicted of theft by credit card.

These were not random crimes or unrelated to municipal business. They were frauds committed against the City of Newport  Beach. The case was investigated, and the arrest made by the Newport Beach Police Department. 

I will leave to you to draw your own conclusions regarding Mr. Peotter’s judgment, ethics and suitability for public office, given his decision to have Mr. Goetz host this event.

Let me assure you that polls show Mr. Peotter trailing badly. As you may know, last year over 10,000 Newport Beach residents signed a petition in support of recalling Peotter. He was elected with approximately 11,000 votes.

Because of what many feel are his lack of actual accomplishments in office and severe unpopularity, Mr. Peotter will very likely attempt to run for reelection by wrapping himself in the Republican banner. (I know, odd for a candidate who voted for the largest property tax increase in Newport Beach since Prop. 13, up to $4,500 per year for the new homeowners in Uptown Newport).

He will likely seek to use your endorsement, photo, or statement in support of his campaign. May I respectfully suggest that in light of this new information regarding his association with known felons, that now, it would be appropriate for you to pull your endorsement or not make it in this race.

Because I know how much you value your well-deserved reputation for integrity in our community, it would be unfortunate if a mailer from Peotter highlighting your support arrives on the same day as one detailing his pending conflict of interest and campaign finance violations, building code violations, abuse of staff, personal self-dealing while on the council and association with known felons. That certainly will not help the Republican cause in November. A review of the financial reports filed today will demonstrate that there will indeed be a robust campaign supported by former Republican mayors and notable Newport Beach citizens to tell this story.

It is worth remembering that the local Republican Party embarrassed itself before through its involvement in Newport Beach politics. In 2006, the party endorsed Jack Wu for city council. Many well-meaning elected officials followed the party and supported Wu who was subsequently found guilty of felony embezzlement related to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s campaign funds. Several elected officials have since told me how embarrassed they were to be associated with Wu. Ironically, one of Wu’s strongest supporters was Scott Peotter.

I don’t want this to happen to you. I hope this information is helpful as you decide on who to lend your good name in the November election.

Yours for a Corruption Free Republican Party,

Keith Curry, Former Mayor

Newport Beach

It’s been a long road back to re-gain my reputation

To be clear, it was the roof midpoints and grade averages that were altered and/or affected. This is now how the current zoning code determines building heights.

In the past 15+ years, I have completed over a hundred projects (all by referral) with an amazing sense of space, beauty and attention to detail.

Collectively, these projects have added hundreds of millions of dollars of value which, in turn, have yielded millions of dollars annually to property tax rolls. 

In addition, they have added to the revenues of hundreds of people, including real estate agents, suppliers, subcontractors and City staff. 

Re-establishing my work took a very long time. It cannot logically be said that the City does not follow zoning rules, and at the same time bring up my mistakes from long ago. 

Andrew Goetz, Architect

Corona del Mar

Peotter provides better conservative path than Brenner

I am an unapologetic conservative that believes in electing Republicans to city councils.

I have walked precincts and donated to Republicans my entire adult life because they believe in free enterprise and limited government.

As the Newport Beach city council campaigns approach election day, I have learned that over the past two years candidate Clyda “Joy” Brenner has made over 40 donations to liberal Democrats across the country.

Federal Elections Commission records reflect her “earmarked” donations through Socialist Bernie Sanders’ ActBlue PAC include 17 contributions to liberal New Jersey senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker. (

Brenner also earmarked a donation to Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC just days before the 2016 presidential election.

Now that I know where Brenner stands, I will vote for Scott Peotter for city council. Scott has done a great job for taxpayers the last 4 years.

Kurt English

Newport Beach

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