Letter to the Editor

Kobayashi & friends want Mayor O’Neill for another year

2020 has been a year like no other, as Newport Beach residents and business owners have endured isolation, loss of income, COVID illness and deaths, and an uncertain future. Throughout this year, so many have come to find Mayor O’Neill as a steady hand and inspirational voice of encouragement. 

2021 will continue to be a year of great challenge and uncertainty that requires stability and continuity in our leadership. While it is an unprecedented approach, during unprecedented challenges, the community is asking the City Council to vote to have Mayor O’Neill remain in his position for 2021. Newport Beach has become reliant on Mayor O’Neill to...

–Rally our citizens to shop and eat at local establishments.

–Support our City departments to provide a high level of service.

–Coordinate with Hoag Hospital to reach the community and provide medical expertise, guidance and assurance.

–Navigate stormy waters and support our first responders during a pandemic and civil unrest.

–Work with our City departments and our small business owners to help them survive the state mandated restrictions.

–Faithfully communicate to residents via social media to keep his much-needed leadership out in front each and every day.

–Encourage the community to keep going when the future looks bleak and unpredictable.

–Bring mental health to the forefront.

–Calm the fears of our citizenry.

–Provide leadership that instills confidence throughout the community.

We respect each and every member of our City Council. We do not make this request lightly, but we feel that it is critical to provide continuity and predictability to our community as we expect 2021 to be a challenging year, still reeling from a pandemic, but hopeful for a recovery.

Ruth Sanchez Kobayashi & Friends

Newport Beach