Guest Letter

Thank you, time to get to work

It is an honor of a lifetime to have been elected as the “incoming” NMUSD Trustee for Area 3. A community is as strong as its engaged stakeholders and Area 3, with an astonishing 90 percent voter turnout rate, has resoundingly proven to be a community that is engaged and that prides itself in civic involvement. 

My campaign was inspired and guided by an African proverb that goes as follows, “If you want to go fast – go alone; if you want to go far – go together.” This is why for months, I met with parents, teachers, elected officials, candidates, coaches, leaders of bargaining units, district officials, community activists, homeowners association leaders, mental health professionals and Board trustees. I reconnected with former PTA colleagues and met new and upcoming leaders in the education industry. 

After listening to all of the stakeholders and hearing the needs of our schools, of our neighborhoods and of our district staff, I was energized at the possibilities of working together to provide our two cities the best education possible for our kids. 

I am extremely thankful to my family, my friends, my supporters and volunteers who helped me along the way. Their encouragement and energy provided me with the confidence and the stamina to carry my campaign across the finish line. 

As a trustee, I pledge to work tirelessly and to advocate for Newport Mesa’s students, teachers, staff and families. The campaign season was just the start and now the real work begins!

Carol Crane, Trustee-elect School Board Area 3

Newport-Mesa Unified School District