Spinnaker Investment Group launches “SpinnCycle” to connect with consumers

As professional service companies that rely on networking have struggled in an environment where social distancing is the new normal, Spinnaker Investment Group has launched a survey-type tool to connect with potential clients called the “SpinnCycle.” According to Morgan Christen, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of the boutique investment firm, SpinnCycle is a quick and fun way to demonstrate the aspects of their business that clients appreciate most.

“SpinnCycle is a simple online survey anyone can use to see if they’re getting the financial service and advice they want and deserve,” said Christen. “We believe there is typically a large addressable market of underserved investors, either acting without a financial advisor or dissatisfied with the service they receive. This has been magnified in the wake of COVID-19, as sound investment advice and dedicated client service is more valuable than ever.”

Spinnaker Investment Group launches

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Spinnaker Investment Group’s Leadership Team (L-R) Joe Stapleton, president; Morgan Christen, CEO; Andrew Krongold, vice president of Investments

Christen said the firm’s wealth managers invite potential investors to engage with the SpinnCycle, where they complete the online survey and receive a score that provides feedback to help both parties determine whether Spinnaker’s services would benefit their situation. The survey itself was developed based on existing client feedback and the brand essence of the business.

“Our clients value our hands-on approach to financial planning, monitoring and maintaining investments and risk-levels in accordance with their goals and life stages,” Christen said. “We approach our advisory role as a fiduciary, focused solely on our clients’ best interest. Our fees are competitive with most wealth management firms, and they are structured to avoid conflicts.”

In an era where new technologies are disrupting the financial services industry, brokerages are reducing or eliminating fees and “robo advisors” are virtually managing portfolios, Spinnaker Investment Group has built its firm in just four years to more than $300 million in assets under management. The firm’s managers offer a concierge-level, personal CFO approach, bringing a network of top quality financial services to the table.

An independent practice that does not represent a specific company, bank or Wall Street institution, Spinnaker confidently and autonomously advises clients with individually tailored financial strategies designed to achieve financial independence. Spinnaker’s services include Financial Planning, Wealth Planning, Retirement Planning, Asset Management and Insurance. Spinnaker serves a broad customer base throughout Southern California, along with many clients across the United States.