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Volume 5, Issue 62  |  August 4, 2020

SCAPE gallery presents Esprit exhibition

SCAPE gallery in Corona del Mar is presenting Esprit, an exhibition featuring artworks by Scott McMillin, Pierce Meehan and Jeff Peters, now on view through August 8. Throughout art history, artists have incorporated flags into their compositions as an icon and symbol within their subject matter. The most noted artist in the modern era to explore this theme is Jasper Johns. In Johns’ now iconic flag paintings, he chose color and form to express ideas beyond the traditional and conventional.

Curated by Jeannie Denholm, Esprit presents a collection of artworks by Scott McMillin, Pierce Meehan and Jeff Peters exploring similar perspectives through their own individual, unique mediums.

This exhibit evolved from a series of studio visits by which Denholm discovered the commonality in theme running concurrently through these artists’ work. The month of July, with Independence Day celebrations and summer spirit, inspired the exhibition’s scheduling. What was unexpected, but became evident by the time of Esprit’s installation, is the larger conversation that is taking place of shifting perceptions around the subject matter – developing from different viewpoints and changing daily. Esprit exemplifies a portion of the current, creative dialogue among artists today who continue to use the flag as icon with its ever-expanding symbolism.

SCAPE gallery McMillin

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Scott McMillin’s “Driver’s Seat #3,” created from car parts and automotive paint, 29 x 44 x 3 inches

Using raw materials and the process of transforming them is a key element throughout McMillin’s art. In his current work these two components, materials and process have become a primary focus. Using discarded car parts and scrap metal, he creates low relief artwork from society’s cast offs. McMillin currently lives and works in Tustin.

SCAPE gallery Meehan

Pierce Meehan’s “Indivisible – Red,” made from recycled EPS, fiberglass, pigment, resin, 48 x 48 x 3 inches

“Indivisible series continues in the vein of my optimism and patriotism utilizing the flag as emblem and symbol; accepted without pre-conceived viewpoints and presented in various colors to serve as a visual love letter to our nation,” said Meehan. Born in Newport Beach, he currently resides in Laguna Beach and works in Santa Ana.

SCAPE gallery Peters

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Jeff Peters’ “Look for Me and I’ll Look for You,” acrylic on canvas on panel, 30 x 48 inches

“Relying on history for its value, my current work explores excavation, a literal digging through layers, reflecting collective consciousness, personal proximity to injustice, accountability and a responsibility to the community,” said Peters.

The Esprit exhibition catalog is available online here. View the exhibition virtually at

SCAPE gallery is located at 2859 E. Coast Highway, Corona del Mar.

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