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As Phase V of Sculpture Exhibition is completed, Phase VI is already in the works

The 10th and final sculpture of the Phase V installation of the Sculpture Exhibition will be completed on July 31 at the Civic Center Park, adjacent to City Hall. The new sculptures will remain on display for the next two years, joining 10 others remaining from Phase IV.

Tonight, the Newport Beach City Council will be asked to approve $91,436 for Phase VI. This amount includes both project coordination and management fees with Arts Orange County to manage this next phase.

According to the City’s Staff Report, there are sufficient funds in the Cultural Arts budget to fund the phase, budgeted at $135,000.

The City previously received a State of California Department of Parks and Recreation Local Assistance Specified Grant Funding towards the project in the amount of $500,000. The grant funds will also cover concrete repair and rehabilitation needs at the site. 

Projects funded by the State grant must be completed by December 31, 2021.

The Sculpture Exhibition is set up as an acquisition program that was developed in 2013. It calls for pieces to be loaned for a two-year period. 

Sculptors of works chosen are provided with a small honorarium, not to exceed $5,000, to loan their work to the City. 

The City is responsible for installing the art, while sculptors are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their work. 

Pieces are rotated into the exhibition annually and displayed for two years. Phases overlap for a one-year period so that 20 pieces are typically on display at a time.

As Phase V Marble Shooter

Click on photo for a larger image

Photos courtesy of City of Newport Beach Cultural Arts

Marble Shooter by Ron Whitacre is among the Phase V sculptures

Arts Orange County has previously provided coordination and site management for Phase I, II, III, IV and V. The organization was established in 1995 as the nonprofit, countywide arts council of Orange County. 

Some of the items Arts Orange County will provide to increase public engagement are: 

–They will launch an online survey in which the public can vote for their favorite sculpture. The most popular pieces will be considered for the Exhibition, pending City Arts Commission review and final approval by City Council.

–They will hold one study session meeting where the public will be invited to express their preferences for the submitted art prior to panel consideration.

–They will hold a curatorial selection panel meeting where the public can express their preferences.

–They will devote one regular meeting for the public to express their opinion of the panel’s recommendations.

–The City Arts Commission along with City staff will publicize opportunities for public participation throughout the entire process to the maximum extent feasible.

As Phase V Individuality n. 1

Click on photo for a larger image

Individuality n. 1 by ARTECLETTICA, Dominic Panziera and Daniela Garofalo in Phase V that can be viewed in Civic Center Park

Assuming Council approves tonight, Arts OC will open a call for entry as early as September 8. The call for entry will close on December 8, and Arts OC will launch the online public survey on December 9. 

At that time, the City Arts Commission and the curatorial panel can also review and vote for submissions online. 

On January 10, the online public survey and Arts Commission review concludes. 

In January 2021, at a City Arts Commission meeting, the Commissioners and curatorial panel will share their results and the public survey rankings. After a public hearing and input from the community, the Commission will approve of 10 works plus 3-5 alternates. 

In February 2021, at a regular City Council meeting, the selected works will be presented to City Council for final approval. Approved artists will then be contracted, and Arts OC will commence the installation of Phase VI and the deinstallation of Phase IV in May.

The Grand Opening for Phase VI will be scheduled for June 2021.

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