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Volume 6, Issue 16  | February 23, 2021

Fair Game


Trees are gone, but potential candidates are shaking the bushes

Tom Johnson Fair Game 2Earlier this week I took to this column to express my disappointment with the trees being cut down at Ensign Intermediate School. My concerns were directed to the school board for being too far removed from the pulse of the community.

One Trustee wrote me saying, “I realize this is about increasing your readership, but your editorials are becoming increasingly more political with you clearly pushing an agenda.” She even dismissed me saying that reporting on this “is not helpful to the community and tarnishes my reputation.”

I’m saving her identity for her sake.

But, let me be clear (as they say in Washington), writing what I did Tuesday had absolutely nothing to do with increasing readership. Our goal here at Stu News is to strengthen and support the community, not tear it down.

The actions of the District, in my opinion, were absolutely wrong. So, I completely stand by that.

Now, if you remember my final comment I made on the subject, “someone please, raise your hand and let’s get this started,” referring to my wish of voting Trustees out come November.

The good news is that so far this week two hands have been raised. Both are considering a run, with one already pulling papers. One is from Trustee Area 3 and the other from Trustee Area 6.

We’ll introduce them to you with their permission in the coming issues. 

Trustee Area 3 is presently served by Martha Fluor, who’s been in that seat since 1991; with Trustee Area 6 being served by Dana Black, who likewise has held her seat since 1994.

The third seat up for re-election is held by Vicki Snell in District 1. Leah Ersoylu, a parent actively involved in the District, has already announced her intentions for that spot. Another good thing.

The winds of potential change appear to be in the air.

What’s next, well the trees are still gone and they’re not coming back. So, we need to move on and focus our attention to getting our students prepared for what will be a very interesting and challenging 2020-21 school year. It’s going to be tough on everyone.

But, please, please, don’t forget come November.

• • •

We’re trying something new this week at Stu News and we’re excited about it. If you love music, we think you will be too.

A group that has been heavily impacted by a lack of work during these COVID-19 times is that of musicians. With bars and clubs closed, and concerts canceled, paychecks for musicians have been few and far between.

Well, the OneRoot Foundation has decided to do something about it, by reuniting the community with one another, thus allowing them to create music and fill the soul.

OneRoot Foundation (the Pyle family philanthropy) is hosting a small private event at an undisclosed local location. And yes, they’re taking all precautions, including social distancing on and off stage, and requiring masks for all who enter. It’s the brainchild of David Pyle, a music lover.

This effort is just one more example of what the OneRoot Foundation is all about. Over the past few months they’ve provided assistance for more than 1,400 individuals from restaurants, service industries, gyms and coffee shops. When I asked them why, they say they’re hoping to challenge others to do similar deeds.

At the end of the day it’s what makes our community better.

But wait, we’re going to record these musicians and re-broadcast it over our Stu News Newport YouTube channel for our readers’ enjoyment. It’ll post front and center over the weekend.

The musicians will include drums, horns, stand-up and 4-string bass and keyboards. Knowing Dave, I assure you it will be good.

So come back this weekend and enjoy…and, let us know what you think.

• • •

Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones that made it by the Balboa Bay Club for their 13th Annual Father’s Day Classic Car Show. There were some beauts!

VW Buses, 23s & 21s, classic Mustangs, including a pink one given by Hugh Hefner to a Playmate of the Year, old Chevys and Buicks, Ferraris, Porsches, and plenty of extremely rare classics.

The winners announced by BBC Governor John Wortmann: Sexyist Car Award - 2014 laFerrari (formerly owned by Steve Wynn), Craig Lyons, owner; Best Classic Car of the Show - 1931 Bugatti Type 51 Grand Prix race car, Craig Barto, owner; Governor’s Choice Award - Ford v Ferrari movie originals, Lance Stander and Simon Trumper from Superformance, owners; and Meguiar’s Best Paint - 1964 Austin Martin DB4 Superleggera, Nick Clements of European Collectibles, owner.

If you missed it, mark down next Father’s Day. You’ll enjoy it.

• • •

As the email I received said, “Not even COVID-19 can kill off a good Irish pub.”

It was an announcement for tomorrow’s (Saturday) grand re-opening of, wait for it…The Shamrock, located in the heart of Mariners Mile

Here’s the deal: retired judge Dan McNerney reached out to friends in an effort to help his son, Evan, raise money for the bar. The landlord is apparently helping The Shamrock with a restructured lease, but there’s a lot of lost revenue needed to make the lease payment work. As luck would have, it closed the day before St. Patrick’s Day, never good for an Irish pub.

The good news is that Dan called the right guys: “Duffy Duffield, Kevin Muldoon, Dave Ellis and Ed Susolik

Now, a GoFundMe account has been set up for those who want to help with the costs during these unprecedented times.

Oh, and the party tomorrow, the action begins at 11:30 a.m. with “great food, drinks and fun, including live entertainment in the afternoon featuring Jim Rice.

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