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Decorative Arts Society provides grants to 15 nonprofits during the COVID-19 crisis

Decorative Arts Society (DARTS), based in Newport Beach, awarded their 2020/2021 Grant Recipients in April in an unprecedented form. Due to the current health, social and economic climate from the COVID-19 crisis, DARTS not only increased the number of grant recipients to 15 agencies, but instead of waiting for the fiscal transition, they distributed the monies immediately to those chosen. These recipients, comprised of a highly dedicated and passionate group of Orange County-based nonprofit organizations, are a direct reflection of the mission of the Decorative Arts Society. Grant monies totaling $275,000 will be provided to these organizations to fund projects and other needed resources to support their causes. 

“We felt strongly that the climate in our county as a result of the COVID-19 virus will severely affect the welfare of many of our OC women, families and children,” said Adrienne Garrison, president of DARTS. “Within days of our grants committee review process, we saw a very quick shift in the need here in Orange County. Many in our community are in an employment, basic needs and shelter crisis. We were pleased that we were able to react quickly and efficiently, supporting more agencies including many directly hit by COVID-19.”

The awarded agencies were honored and appreciative not only for the grant award, but the timing.

Decorative Arts Society board of directors

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Courtesy of Decorative Arts Society

Decorative Arts Society board of directors

“SPIN (Serving People in Need) is very grateful to be one of the recipients of a grant from Decorative Arts Society. This grant is desperately needed at this time as our requests for help with housing and other basic needs for families in crisis have increased 180 percent during the last three weeks,” said Jean Wegener, executive director of Serving People in Need (SPIN).

DARTS supports, through membership and sponsorships, charities in Orange County serving women, children and families through counseling services and support, health, education, local food banks, shelter care and housing. Since its inception, the Decorative Arts Society has distributed almost three million dollars to a multitude of Orange County non-profit organizations.

Grant recipients:

–Boys Hope Girls Hope

–Breast Cancer Solutions

–Casa Teresa

–Casa Youth Shelter

–Families Forward


–Intervention Center Early Childhood (ICEC)

–Mariposa Women and Family Shelter

–Project Scientist

–Serving People in Need (SPIN)

–South County Outreach

–Taller San Jose Hope Builders

–The Blind Children’s Learning Center

–Thomas House Family Shelter

–Living Center (WTLC)

The Decorative Arts Society, established in 1995, is an all-volunteer membership group of community-minded persons who support the organization by participating in an annual lecture series presented by nationally and internationally known experts in the field of the decorative arts, including interior and fashion, architecture and landscape design.

Through this annual series, members expand their knowledge of the decorative arts. Their subscriptions and donations to the Decorative Arts Society provide funds for projects and programs which benefit women and children in Orange County.

For more information and membership opportunities, contact Laraine Eggleston, membership chairman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit

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