“Billionaire Row” home sells for $20 million cash

In the 1960s, a visionary developer named Charles (Charley) Hester built a tract of homes on the oceanfront and the hills east of Coast Highway and called the communities Cameo Shores and Cameo Highlands.

This, of course, was done prior to the major building expansion and transformation of the Corona del Mar oceanfront into some of the most coveted and costly residential oceanfront properties in the world, 

Many of the homes there originally sold for under $35,000, which was considered “pricey” back in the day.

Fast forward some 60 years. May 2019, Adrienne Brandes closes a landmark $20 million sale of 4541 Brighton Road, on what today is known as “Billionaire Row.” 

Cameo Shores home

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From $35,000 to $20 million is quite a journey. Of course, almost none of the original Hester homes of the old era have survived, being replaced by superb architectural designs along the oceanfront landscape.

The Brighton Road sale is an example of the often shocking state of today’s ultra-high, residential market. The Cameo Shores residence is a ground up contemporary redesign project that was recently completed, following several years of planning and construction. It includes stunning coastal views and state-of-the-art “everything.” 

Brandes brought in her client, a European billionaire she had become acquainted with, and, following serious negotiations, reached a deal. 

The $20 million sale price was all cash, with a 12-day escrow. Everything closed on time, without complications and no drama.

Adrienne Brandes is a real estate professional with Surterre Properties.