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Volume 5, Issue 16  |  February 25, 2020

Fair Game


Flight of Newport Beach sails Sunday

Fair Game Tom NewThe Commodores Club of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce organizes the annual Flight of Newport Beach, this year being the 84th. It’s comprised of two racing classes, the Laser and the Harbor 20.

The course for each is inside the Bay, starting and finishing off the south side of Balboa Island.

The races take place this Sunday, July 21.

Yesterday afternoon I was speaking to one of the Commodores’ race organizers, Brett Hemphill. Brett says flat out, “We need more entries!”

It’s easy. Go here, fill out the form and you’re in.

Now, there’s a bunch of categories to enter under both classes that make the day that much more fun. Maybe you’re the oldest, the youngest boy, the youngest girl, or perhaps you want to decorate your boat. There are also prizes for first finishing girl, first couple and first parent/child.

There are so many prizes you’re almost bound to win something, or maybe not. But, for the overall winner in both classes there are some big prizes. In the Laser class, you can win a new sail valued at $650. In the Harbor 20 class, you can win paint, and not just any paint. You can win a gallon of anti-fouling paint, worth $250. Of course, anti-fouling paint protects the underwater hull, so it’s important.

Fair Game Harbor 20 trophies

Courtesy of Philip Thompson

Harbor 20 trophies

Also, both class winners will receive a gift certificate to The Sailing Pro Shop on Newport Blvd.

Okay, I know what you’re saying to yourself, that’s still not enough. Well, hold on, you also get a set of Ginsu Knives. Actually, no. But you are invited to an after-party at the Balboa Yacht Club. There you’ll enjoy refreshments and witness the presentation of awards.

What a day!

So, fill out the app and go have some fun.

• • •

The Homeless Task Force Special Meeting is this Monday, July 22, from 4-6 p.m. in the Central Library's Friends Meeting Room at1000 Avocado Ave., Newport Beach. It’s an important meeting, and why you ask?

When I recently visited the Sculpture Garden near City Hall, I noticed sleeping bags and other miscellaneous property under the tables across the bridge, evidently belonging to some homeless folks.

Last week, a story emerged about homeless people and even tents taking hold a little further up near the bus station turnaround on Avocado Ave.

This problem is not going to go away without some planning and attention. Hopefully, with this group and the recent $3 million commitment by Hoag Hospital toward the issue, we have the start.

Meetings like the one mentioned about are always open to the public if you want to offer your two cents.

• • •

A couple of Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce events this week: Government Affairs Committee features Newport Beach City Attorney Aaron Harp this Thursday, July 18, at the Chamber office at 8 a.m. The Chamber, if you don’t know, is located at 4343 Von Karman.

And, then Friday, July 19, Chamber President & CEO Steve Rosansky puts on his apron and barbecues burgers and the like “By the Lake,” at the Chamber offices. They advertise it as food, fun and friends. It runs from 4-6 p.m.

• • •

Speaking of burgers, don’t forget it’s Burger Week and there are 60 participating restaurants throughout Orange County, including a number in Newport Beach. It’s prix fixe pricing. Check it all out at

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