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Newport Beach

Volume 6, Issue 47  | June 11, 2021

Guest Letter

Dave Kiff

Dave Kiff

Newport Beach City Manager Dave Kiff   

A letter sent Wednesday, Aug. 14 from retiring City Manager Dave Kiff following Tuesday evening’s appointment of new City Manager Grace Leung.

Dear Colleagues –

As my days here come to a close, I wanted to tell you how excited I am to be able to hand over the baton to Grace Leung. Knowing that she was selected just made me smile. I can’t help but feel so parental towards all of you and towards this place, and hearing that it would be Grace that would take on the City Manager’s role was just something for me to smile about.

I have not known Grace for too long – maybe the last 18 months or so – but all of my experiences with her have been very positive. I’ve sat on an interview panel with her, as well as worked with her on various OC City Managers’ Association issues, including homelessness. I know that someone I think highly of – recently retired CM of Irvine, Sean Joyce – thought highly enough of Grace to bring her down from the Bay Area to work in that active and challenging city. 

My impression of Grace is the same one that the Council had – smart, calm, personable, thoughtful, a good listener, a good sense of humor, and an all-around niceness that is just really cool. I think you will find her to be that same type of leader here – first and foremost a nice, authentic, friendly person.   

Grace will of course be her own person and will be different from me. I am sure that you’ll enjoy and embrace that, just as you have any new work colleague, be it a department director or a new student aide. 

Grace starts the Tuesday after Labor Day, and I know her days will be busy. As my days are less busy at that point, know that I will still be thinking of all of you and will be very happy knowing that you are in such good hands.



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