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Spirit Run is going to the dogs, happily…and for our schools

Man’s best friend is more popular than ever! It’s commonplace to see these four-legged friends shopping, dining and even flying with their humans. But did you know there’s a growing trend of human/dog road running teams?

Research reveals that people who walk their pooches are 34 percent more likely to achieve federal benchmarks on physical activity. It also shows that those who walk their dogs have higher overall levels of moderate and vigorous physical activities. It’s certainly not uncommon to see owners running with their dogs. 

lady with two dogs

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Photos courtesy of Spirit Run

Exercising with humans also benefits our furry friends. As migratory animals, dogs need daily physical activity and enjoy exploring the world around them. It also improves their mood by allowing them to release pent up energy. Running or walking with your dog helps prevent obesity. Sadly, more than 50 percent of dogs in the U.S. are overweight. Read, “Why our Pooches Need Exercise,” “Tips for a great Dog Walk,” and “Dog Walking Essentials” and others at Kriser Natural Pet’s blog:

Running events are catering to this trend. Not all runners are aiming for a PR (personal record) in their races. Most want some exercise in a festive setting. And, for dog lovers, it can’t get much better than enjoying the morning with their best canine friends.

The 35th Annual Spirit Run is joining the trend. Spirit Run is hosting the Second Annual Kriser’s Dog Mile on Sunday, March 18th at Fashion Island. This event is open to all ages and ability levels to experience walking or running with your canine friends. Participants have 15 minutes to finish, allowing enough time to jog or walk the course. 

Sean Gildea and his dog

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Sean Gildea and his dog finished last year’s race in 4 minutes and 41 seconds

This race also attracts highly competitive humans and dogs. Last year’s winner finished in 4 minutes and 41 seconds. The second-place finisher was only seconds behind. 

Krisers guy with pup inside his coat

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Mark your calendar for March 18th to bring your furry friend to Spirit Run for a morning of fitness, community and fun. Help your running partner prepare with “Nine Training Tips to Make Him a Happy and Healthy Training Partner.” After your race, visit the Dog Expo for dog treats and much more, including how you can support non-profits benefiting dogs and other animals.

Visit to find out if your children’s or grandchildren’s school is participating in Spirit Run, or if not, how it can do so.

For event information and to register for Spirit Run, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For the second consecutive year, Stu News is proud to be Spirit Run’s media sponsor.

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