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Volume 7, Issue 5  |  January 18, 2022

Newport Beach Arts Foundation arts scholarship honoring Lila Crespin continues on

The Newport Beach Arts Foundation established an arts scholarship to honor Lila Crespin, Ph.D., a founding member of the Arts Foundation. Crespin passed away last month, but they are still going forward with their plans to honor her wishes with an arts scholarship which will be divided equally between the two local Newport Beach high schools – Newport Harbor High and Corona del Mar High.

According to the Newport Beach Arts Foundation, “We all miss Lila. She served as president of the Arts Foundation on more than one occasion and she was the spark that kept the fires of the Newport Beach Arts Foundation burning for over twenty years.”

Newport Beach Arts Foundation Crespin

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Courtesy of the Newport Beach Arts Foundation

Newport Beach Arts Foundation presented Lila Crespin (fourth from left) with a Certificate of Recognition honoring her years of service 

 In June, the City of Newport Beach, the Newport Beach Arts Commission and the Newport Beach Arts Foundation honored her for her contributions to the arts.

If you would like to honor Lila Crespin’s memory by adding to this scholarship fund you may do so by either sending a check to the Newport Beach Arts Foundation or by making an on-line contribution.

If you choose to send a check, please make it payable to: The Newport Beach Arts Foundation, P.O. Box 11325, Newport Beach, Calif. 92658-9998.

If you choose to donate online, go to the Foundation website at and select the DONATE button and provide your information there.

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