Newport Beach Cultural Arts grant applications open for 2022

Each year, the City of Newport Beach distributes funds to arts organizations, enabling them to expand arts programs offered to the local community. To apply, arts organizations are required to meet the following criteria and submit a Cultural Arts Grant Application to the Newport Beach Public Library’s Administrative Office by Friday, Feb. 11, 2022.

Newport Beach Cultural Arts boy at easel

Courtesy of NB Cultural Arts

Grant Application Criteria:

–Only arts organizations are eligible; they do not award grants to individual artists.

–Arts organizations must propose projects/programs for funding that directly benefit children and adults living in Newport Beach, and schools only within the city’s geographic boundaries. Collaborative events, such as public performances or programs implemented in conjunction with the City of Newport Beach are also eligible for grants.

–The Arts Commission funds only arts projects/programs which will be presented before January 16, 2023, not general operating expenses.

–Arts organizations that received cultural grants during 2019-2020 and 2020-21 will not be considered unless they have completed and returned their Cultural Arts Grant Completion Report, even if they have not completed some of the components of the project/program by the grant application due date.

–All applications must be typed or word-processed and complete with requested attachments. You may reformat on the computer as long as the font and pagination appear the same.

 For more information, application instructions & the application form and the Cultural Arts Grant Completion Report, go here.