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Volume 8, Issue 10  |  February 3, 2023Subscribe

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ENC acquires Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in Modjeska Canyon

The Environmental Nature Center (ENC) has acquired Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, a 12-acre sanctuary located in Modjeska Canyon. The property includes a natural history museum, trails and bird observation deck. The ENC will steward the facility and provide opportunities similar to those at the ENC – field trips for school and scout groups, Nature Camps, service learning, community programs and more. The webpage at will be updated as more info becomes available.

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary began in 1929 when Benjamin and Dorothy Tucker welcomed visitors to their bird observation porch in the Santa Ana Mountains. The site was dedicated as a wildlife sanctuary by the Tucker Family in 1939 and deeded to the California Audubon. Since 1968, the property has been under the supervision of California State University, Fullerton until being closed in January 2021. The ENC was chosen to be the new stewards by the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society.

ENC acquires Tucker nature trail

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Photos courtesy of ENC

A nature trail in the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

“We are committed to Benjamin and Dorothy Tucker’s legacy and excited for this opportunity,” said Bo Glover, executive director of the Environmental Nature Center. “The Tuckers wanted their property to be conserved as a wild bird sanctuary, refuge and preserve, and that is how we will manage it. We look forward to welcoming students and other visitors interested in learning about and enjoying the canyon’s native flora and fauna.”

The ENC will spend the summer making upgrades to the facility – including installing ADA compliant restrooms and making repairs to some structures before opening to the public once again. Some non-native plants will be removed in anticipation of planting locally native, wildlife-friendly plants in the fall. 

ENC acquires Tucker creek

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This seasonal creek runs through the wilderness

“Our educational programs at Tucker will focus on the importance of providing habitat for birds and other wildlife,” said ENC Assistant Director Lori Whalen. “There is already an abundance of habitat at Tucker and we look forward to improving it even more with additional native shrubs, trees and grasses that native animals depend on for food and shelter. Visitors will see examples of beautiful native plants that produce berries and seeds, or that host caterpillars and other insects, or provide abundant nectar for native nectarivorous birds.”

Community members interested in learning more about Tucker should keep an eye out for updates at or sign up on the ENC’s Tucker email list to be informed of future programs, volunteer and employment opportunities.

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