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Newport Beach

Volume 6, Issue 47  | June 11, 2021

Capturing iconic Newport Beach and beyond: Balboa Pavilion

Capturing Iconic Balboa Pavilion

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Artwork by Don Krotee

Balboa Pavilion was first established in 1906 and quickly became a historical landmark in California. The Pavilion is one of the last surviving waterfront recreation centers and oldest building in Newport Beach. Designed by architect Fred R. Dorn in 1905 and then restored in 1963, the Pavilion continues to serve as a marine recreation facility to this day. This piece was made with transparent watercolors on 16” x 20” 140 lb. Arches Paper.


Artist Don Krotee was selected as the “Painter of the Year” by Coachella Valley Watercolor Society for his submission of this work. Krotee is a 35-year resident of Newport Beach, a member of the 2000 GPAC, a Corona del Mar Residents Association member, the founder of the Newport Heights Improvement Association, a board member of SPON and lives in Corona del Mar. He is an architect, a sailor and a fine artist who has been drawing and painting from an early age. He provides Stu News drawings and paintings from iconic Newport Beach and the world. Find more art by Don Krotee on Instagram

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