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Volume 8, Issue 10  |  February 3, 2023Subscribe

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Hoag becomes first West Coast hospital to offer advanced robotic-assisted spine surgery option

Hoag’s Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute (PFNI) announced it is the first on the West Coast to utilize the Mazor X StealthEdition Robotic Guidance Platform, the most advanced robotic-assisted, minimally invasive spine surgery option.

The Mazor combines 3D pre-operative planning tools and analytics with intra-operative trajectory precision to provide surgeons with comprehensive information of the best approach and visualization of the target before the surgery starts. This new technology allows surgeons to operate with precision and efficiency, reducing need for X-rays, and minimizes pain and recovery time after surgery.

Hoag becomes robotic

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Courtesy of Hoag Hospital

Hoag now offers the most advanced robotic-assisted, minimally invasive spine surgery option

“This revolutionary technology provides our patients and clinical team with the most advanced minimally invasive tool available,” said Burak Ozgur, M.D., chief of service for the Neurosurgery Spine Program at the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute. “This robotic instrument allows the surgeon to be in complete control, but gives them the superior benefit of 3D-guided navigation in one easy-to-use tool.”

Hoag has received numerous national, state and local accolades for its success with robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery and has been designated a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery (COERS) from the Surgical Review Corporation. Hoag has shown repeatedly how such surgery can result in less blood loss, reduced muscle damage and faster recovery times. This new platform is representative of Hoag’s dedication to innovation in increasing safety and accuracy within the operating room. 

Robotic platforms are important tools throughout Hoag’s institutes. In fact, advanced computer-assisted technology is becoming the standard of care in cancer, women’s health, cardiovascular conditions and general surgery at Hoag. By introducing this new 3D-guided technology to spine neurosurgery, Hoag is upholding its commitment to improving outcomes for patients through continued innovation.

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