Letters to the Editor:

We Can’t Afford Scott Peotter

Scott Peotter is soon to be recalled by the residents of Newport Beach. Rather than offer any defense for his irresponsible behavior and ideas on the city council, Peotter and the puppet masters behind him offer only the argument that the recall would result in a cost estimated by the county to be $272,885-$303,385. How does this cost compare with some of Peotter’s other ideas?

$273,000 – The cost of a special election for the Museum House which Peotter advocated rather than simply to rescind project approvals.

$480,000 – The amount of road improvement funds Peotter proposed to turn down in order to “make a point”. This amount would have risen to $1.9 million annually had he succeeded.

$355,000 – The amount of taxpayer dollars paid out to the owners of Woody’s Wharf, major Peotter donors.

$500,000 – The amount of the fee cut given to mooring holders, 60 percent of which do not live in Newport Beach.

$300,000 – The cost of the politically motivated “audit” of city hall which has never been actually completed and was settled with no finding of any wrong doing.

$3.5 million – The amount of the irresponsible fee cut proposed by Peotter for the licenses of large businesses in the city. This would have created a huge budget deficit and was not even supported by the business community.

$719,000 – The amount of additional annual debt service if Peotter’s policies had been followed in the financing of the civic center. 

$300,000 – The amount of funding Peotter attempted to delete from Diane Dixon’s efforts to improve police services on the Peninsula.

$70 million – The amount the city’s unfunded pension liability has risen since Peotter took office.

When Peotter says we cannot afford the recall, I say we cannot afford not to recall him. Let’s take back our city from the out of town special interests.

Lynn Swain

Committee to Recall Scott Peotter

Newport Beach

76 Station expansion - is this a good investment for West NB?

This letter is in regard to the 76 Station Expansion (Superior Ave. and Placentia Ave.) that was presented to the Planning Commission meeting on November 9, 2017, this business should facilitate its operation as a “dusk to dawn” operation.

During the presentation, the Newport Beach Police Department made it quite clear that this particular area of West Newport has the highest crime rate within the City’s parameters. 

As a stakeholder of one of the adjacent properties, I can assure you that their statistics are accurate. Our community has been working very hard with the Police and Code Enforcement to clean up this area and make it a better place to live. This area borderlines Costa Mesa and has had a propensity to channel more crime and transient activity into Newport Beach.

According to the National Association of Convenience Stores, (NACS), Crime and Convenience store hold-ups account for about 6 percent of all robberies in the nation. Additional studies found an increasing trend as the number of alcohol outlets in an area rose and had a direct impact on neighborhood violence. For example, the following convenience stores are located within 300 feet of each other from property line to property line: Minute King, 7-Eleven and 76 Gas Station.

Recently, developers have been investing millions of dollars to revitalize this area of West Newport Beach. This is the case of the Ebb & Tide development located at 1560 Placentia Ave., Newport Beach; MBK Homes has recently completed 81 detached luxury homes that begin at approximately $1,000,000. According to the developer these homes are almost sold-out and there is a residual waiting list of 121 applicants.

We need to ask ourselves, if we are doing an injustice to the developers and the new homeowners by adding another convenience store that will be selling alcohol?

Ironically, one of the most trending “Hipster” or “Counter Culture” places to dine are referred to as Gourmet Gas Stations, or also known as, “Park, Pump & Pig-Out.” An example of this concept is the 76 Gas Station in Fullerton. This particular station has a deli that makes cold and hot food and they also have a mini-express spa onsite. It is located across the street from St. Jude Hospital and is enjoyed by the employees and visitors from the hospital who want to leave the hospital for fresh air and a quick lunch in a pleasant outdoor setting.

Visit the website at: http://www.sunnyhillscarwash.com.

“Let’s challenge the applicant to bring added value to the community, by meeting the needs of the residents and in so doing provide a better quality of life for West Newport Beach.”

“I personally, I think that a good cup of “Joe” yields more profits and less problems than a bottle of hooch.”

Peggy V. Palmer

Newport Beach

More additions to columnist Duncan Forgey’s “grab bag”

(In response to Monday’s Boozin’ in Balboa column by Duncan Forgey)

Restaurants to jog your memory:

Ok, I know you couldn’t do’em all, but leaving out Tale of the Whale (crock of spreadable cheddar cheese), the Galley (best greasy spoon in the country), the Alley (2nd only to Arches as local hangout) and Sid’s?  

Matt Clabaugh

Newport Beach