The Committee to Recall lashes out at Peotter 

Scott PeotterThe Committee to Recall Scott Peotter denounced Peotter’s decision to refuse to apply for $480,000 in gas tax funds generated by Newport Beach motorists. These funds were to be used for needed street repairs on MacArthur and University. Peotter was part of a 5-2 vote on the city council that refused to approve the application for funding for this project.

“These gas tax funds were generated by Newport Beach motorists and Peotter would prefer the California Transportation Commission spend the taxes paid by Newport Beach residents in San Francisco or Sacramento. This is just unbelievably wasteful, irresponsible and financially reckless. This shows why we cannot wait another year to remove Peotter, his ideological political posturing is costing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Lynn Swain, a leader of the recall effort.  

“Peotter’s irresponsibility may not stop with just $480,000, the new gas tax is expected to generate $1.9 million annually to Newport Beach, revenues paid by Newport Beach drivers. We have never had a city council who willfully sent Newport Beach tax dollars to other cities in order to make a political point, we can’t afford Peotter’s ideological foolishness,” Swain continued.

In a bizarrely worded email to his supporters, Peotter called the gas tax “blood money” and “free money.”  

“It’s not free, it was paid at the pump by Newport Beach residents,” said Swain.

Peotter claimed credit for refusing the gas tax funds even though he originally made the motion to approve the application. He then oddly voted against his own motion refusing to use Newport’s gas tax funds.

“None of us like the increase in the gas tax, but refusing to utilize funds generated by Newport taxpayers does nothing to reduce the tax. It is simply irresponsible grandstanding. We need a city council focused on improving our roads, not responding to their political puppet masters,” Swain continued.

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