Letter to the Editor:

McCaffrey Wrong About Peotter

Bob McCaffrey, the political boss of Team Newport, recently wrote to the Daily Pilot in support of Scott Peotter.

We last heard from Bob when he acted as a shill for Dave Ellis and Peotter’s disgraceful efforts to deny residents the right to referend the Museum House project. Bob filed a Fair Political Practices Commission complaint against project opponents that was quickly rejected as being without merit.

Bob shares Peotter’s high rise vision for our city.

McCaffrey and Ellis control Peotter and use his vote to enrich themselves and their cronies. For example, Peotter voted for $500,000 in fee cuts to mostly out of town mooring holders.

Bob McCaffrey considers Peotter a “Fiscal Conservative”.

Fiscal conservative Bob? Peotter changed the rules so that a person who would later be convicted of embezzlement could be put on the finance committee. He wants to speculate in the stock market with our tax dollars and his refunding scheme would have cost us $20 million more. He also collects pay checks from four public agencies.

Adult in the room? With Peotter’s name calling, insults and bizarre videos of him vandalizing the civic center park that is the last word to describe him. Add to that his continued inability to follow our laws, including the ongoing investigation by the FPPC over his campaign law violations.

As for debt, Peotter himself has defaulted on a $13 million loan and even lost his own house due to financial mismanagement.

And Keith Curry is one councilman, how did he block the initiatives of the four vote Team Newport majority? I guess pointing out embarrassing facts and being able to do math was too much for Scotty and Team Newport.

You may want to pay closer attention Bob, last week your boy Peotter appeared in the paper playing and supporting Pickle Ball and last Tuesday he flip-flopped and now wants to support the Corona del Mar Library and Fire Station. I guess he is feeling the heat from the recall. Go to www.recallscottpeotter.com for more information.

Lori Morris

Balboa Peninsula