Letters to the Editor:

Why recall…why now, former Assemblywoman tells why

Recall of an elected official is a serious issue: a decision that should not be made lightly or without serious forethought. The Recall of Scott Peotter is a serious matter and is a worthy effort. Those of us who have had the privilege of holding public office understand that it brings the responsibility of adhering to a higher standard, a standard that Peotter is unwilling or unable to meet. He has clearly demonstrated this a number of times, embarrassing himself and putting the city at risk with his decisions.

He refuses to respect the law and was forced to read an apology at the City Council meeting for violating the Brown Act, a tenet that city councils are required to follow.  

Peotter attended a public gathering in Costa Mesa and disclosed confidential information about city business and made statements that could have exposed the city to liability.

He has violated the municipal code related to the correct use of the city seal; and continued to do so even after being reprimanded twice by his fellow council members.

Peotter is currently under investigation by the State of California’s Fair Political Practices Commission over violating campaign contribution limits. He failed to report or return contributions in excess as set by State law.

He endorsed the use of racist Farsi language campaign signs that were not properly identified as required by law. Other candidates in the race condemned the racist signs.

Scott Peotter refused to enforce the campaign contribution limit laws against his ally, Lee Lowrey.

He supported the appointment to the city’s Finance Committee of a man accused and convicted of embezzlement.

Mr. Peotter’s actions demonstrate a defiant disregard of the laws of this State. It speaks to his lack of respect and common sense in adhering to standards that we all live within. His actions demonstrate that he is untrustworthy and self-serving.

Why no…Peotter has demonstrated time and again that State laws don’t apply to him and he has failed to understand City issues. He made a motion to refinance the City bonds at a so-called savings. His proposal would have cost the City hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

This recall must occur now. If we delay until 2018, Scott Peotter would be involved in two budget cycles and will have the opportunity to do our City great harm with his thoughtless decisions.   

The decisions he has made clearly show that he is defiant and does not uphold the city goals and directions. He is not guided by what is in the best interest of this community.

He moved to Newport Beach because he couldn’t get elected in Irvine. Newport Beach deserves an upstanding councilman with integrity, who respects the constituency and cares about the good of the community.

Peotter – by his actions has proven – he is not fit for public office in Newport Beach!

Assemblywoman Marilyn C. Brewer, ret.

Newport Beach

• • •

Rush believes in free speech and Scott Peotter

I caught a recent story in a competing publication (Wall Street Journal) reporting on a survey conducted of Yale University students testing their opinion on the value of free speech. Yale is hardly a bastion of right-wing thought. It’s one of America’s most prestigious and liberal institutions.

I was mildly surprised to learn that 72 percent of the students “opposed speech codes to regulate speech for students and faculty” while 16 percent favored the idea.

Juxtapose this on the intolerant few that want to recall Newport Beach City Councilman Scott Peotter. Peotter is an outspoken fiscal and social conservative that has riled up those opposed to his views. They’re willing to waste $500,000 of YOUR TAXPAYER money on a special recall election when Peotter is already on the ballot next year.

I firmly believe that in these times of political correctness that Peotter has the right to express his views – that’s free speech.

Even the intellectual elite and Yale seem to agree.

Bob Rush, former Assembly candidate

Newport Beach