Letter to the Editor:

Peotter keeps changing his mind

Wow, the recall is only two weeks old and already Scott Peotter has had four positions. First, he said the recall was to inhibit his “free speech”. When one considers that Peotter’s own extraordinary efforts to prevent residents from circulating petitions on the Museum House project was the greatest denial of free speech in recent city history, that argument quickly went away.

Then he said it was about him “keeping his promises” to cut city spending.  But the record shows that under Peotter, pension liabilities are up $70 million, the operating budget is up $22 million and because of him, we now run the sewer system at a structural deficit. His debt reduction strategy actually cost $20 million more than doing nothing and he arranged for a man later convicted of embezzlement to be placed on the Finance Committee. Not a lot of credibility there Scott.  

Next, he hooked up with liberal Democrat Bob Rush as his chairman and claimed he was being recalled because he was “politically incorrect”. Well yes, supporting the racist Farsi campaign signs, opposing the city Sexual Harassment Prevention policy, and insulting residents who speak before the council is politically incorrect, but it is also unacceptable behavior as a member of the city council. Rush was perhaps surprised to find that Peotter opposes nearly all of the capital improvements needed for West Newport and the Peninsula where Rush is an activist.

Now he is wrapping himself in the Republican banner, hoping voters will not notice that the 14,000 residents who signed the Museum House petitions were overwhelmingly Republican and that Peotter alone among the council is using his position to collect compensation from four public agencies.  

The real issue is that Peotter trampled on our constitutional rights and he refuses to obey the laws he swore to uphold regarding leaking confidential information, campaign finance and the municipal code. He is controlled by Dave Ellis and serves the special interests who moved him into town to run.  

Who knows what Peotter’s slogan will be tomorrow? Here are some we know he won’t be using: “Scott Peotter: Working to reduce traffic and improve our quality of life,” “Peotter: Champion of parks and libraries,” “Scott Peotter: He respects the public.”  

It’s time for a change on the city council.  

Richard C. Ingold

Newport Beach