Letter to the Editor:

“Peotter caught again” 

Scott Peotter’s record of ignoring our laws, from public disclosures in violation of the Brown Act, acceptance of excess campaign contributions, failure to report his campaign expenses and mis-use of the city seal are well documented.  

Now we learn that Peotter has failed to properly report his economic interests to the Fair Political Practices Commission. For two years, he reported an interest in a property in Irvine, but provided an address on Culver Drive that does not exist.  

In 2015 he apparently worked in a “ministry” whose web site indicates “ministers” raise their own support from private, undisclosed, donations. Peotter reports he received between $10,000-$100,000 in income from this source. Exactly who was providing cash for living expenses to our councilmember?  

Our state does not allow elected officials to receive undisclosed gifts of cash and puts a $460 limit on the value of such gifts. 

For the four years he was on the Newport Beach Planning Commission, Peotter reported no income, investments, business interests, spousal income or gifts at all. 

How did he manage to live in Newport Beach during that time? It depends on which newspaper you read. In the Daily Pilot he said he lived off his savings (despite reporting no investments nor investment income). In the Orange County Register he says that his income came from outside the city and he did not think he needed to report it.

What’s next? 

Our community deserves council members who respect our residents and respect our laws.  Peotter fails on both counts.

Brad Alewine

Corona del Mar